games for macintosh

A collection of games for classic Mac OS, created by Mike Piontek. Macintosh not required. Play in your browser, or download to play on a real Mac or emulator (coming soon).

Beaver Pelt Man

November 1990 • HyperCard

The Black Knight has been defeated, but his Royal Beavers have been unleashed. You must get to the store and hurry back to the castle with enough traps to stop them. Beaver Pelt Man is an impossibly difficult ordeal that’s self-described as “probably one of the first arcade-type hyper card games.”

Pump It Up

May 1990 • HyperCard

It’s late at night and the moon is full. The perfect time to pump up your shoes and go bungee jumping off your favorite bridge. Pump It Up is a simple sports game where your only goal is to make a successful jump.