Pump It Up

It’s late at night and the moon is full. The perfect time to pump up your shoes and go bungee jumping off your favorite bridge. (Don’t worry, there’s water down there. Don’t do this at home.)

Pump It Up is a simple sports game where your only goal is to make a successful jump. Press the basketball-shaped button on the tongue of your shoe to inflate it, or press the rectangular button to deflate it. Once you have the right amount of air for the current wind conditions, take a jump and see how it goes.

I made this game when I was 12 or 13, circa 1990. All of the art was created by me, with some sounds borrowed from elsewhere. It was created in HyperCard 2.0 on a Macintosh 512K with System 6. It is presented as is, though it is reasonably polished and I’m not aware of any bugs.